Ready to build a business
that runs itself? 

Break away from walking  your fur clients by yourself with Hiring.

This 34-page guide will show you how to get closer to your dreams and get ready to take yourself out of your business while increasing your income, so you set yourself free from the grind as a solo dog walker.

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There are two things that suck up a dog walker’s time & energy:
1. Finding new clients.

2. Taking care of existing clients.

Owning a dog walking business is often seen as very easy and nothing but fun. But in reality most of those business owners are spending their day walking dogs, tending to cats, taking on new client calls, responding to existing client requests, sending out invoices and posting on social media.

Sadly, it can be all-consuming.

But what if

You said "no" to doing things the way everyone else does them

You expand without a burnout

How would that change your life? What possibilities would be opening up for you?

In case we haven’t met, I am Zue.

I’m a german girl, who moved to the U.S. at the age of 20, not willing to submit to the regular life path. After a few career changes and corporate to life a different who noticed very quickly that corporate life and the money that came with it, didn’t fulfill me. I had barely time for my life and myself – a.k.a. i didn’t really live. I wanted to work hard for my own business and not someone else.

I knew I needed to do things differently, and became obsessed with expansion. 

Expansion allowed me to blaze past the 6-figure mark in my company without:

working 7 days/week

walking all the dogs

taking care of cats

posting on social media every day

Taking potential client calls

I’m so thankful for my business, because it has allowed me to take off, whenever i need to and go on vacation, whenever I want to … and most importantly, spend time with my family.

Hiring doesn't have to be hard


Expansion starts with these three things:

1. Transforming the way you think

2. Changing the way you present yourself

3. Shifting how you serve your customers

I dive into all of this, and more inside my ...

Expansion Guide

How would it feel to….

Have the freedom to work 5 hour work weeks?

Work from the comfort of your home ON your business and not IN the field exhausted day after day?

Hit six figures in sales without a burnout?

Take off whenever and however long you would like to?

Make a positive impact in your community through your business?

My Expansion Guide is the first step in making this your reality!

The truth is: 

The best pet business owners work ON their business instead of in it.

When you’re consumed by servicing your clients and worrying about having to turn away new clients, you are greatly limiting yourself! Not only that, but you have unscalable impact and no freedom … and those are the things that drew you to entrepreneurship in the first place, right?

Expansion allows you to:





Inside, I cover:

Page 05

My friction-less way to define your goals

Your business wants to work for you, but you need to know why you actually have your business – let’s define it.

Page 09

The Science on how to exactly get what you want

Vision Boards and Affirmations are a trend, but I show and explain you scientifically what actually works.

Page 14

The two almost too easy methods to get rid of your doubts & anxiety

You’ve got it all in you – I’ll show you how to use your own mind in order to be more self-assured and calm.

Page 20

The simple three-step process to reverse-engineer your dream life

No matter how crazy your dreams may feel right now, they’re completely possible for you!

Page 24

An overview of the two Expansion systems that allowed me to work on my business rather than in it

I believe a business is best led from a place of inspiration not burnout.

Page 25

The Three-step process to setting your business up for expansion

Most fear comes from not knowing what to do – this will give you the guidance you need.

Page 32

My seven-step process for getting out of the field

I walk you through the entire process of professional expansion.

Page 33

Lifting the veil on the math behind the sustainable start into expansion

Calculate exactly what you need to do in order to start hiring. 

If you are a dog walker, dog sitter or cat sitter this guide is for you!

hiring has the power to completely transform your business.

You are here to do big things.

Work smarter, not harder by expanding your business and hiring.

Questions? Chat with me here or email

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